The Founder


Hey, thanks for stopping by!

I am Rens van Daalen (4 March ‘92) – Founder of Bearora, from a small town in the Netherlands. Things that excite me are: shredding on my snowboard, cruising on my skateboard, creating photo manipulations in Photoshop, getting lost on travels, exploring new cultures and meeting new people, a van life (to be achieved). And… Beers.

And this is my story:

August 2015: 

After 3 years of studying International Business Management in Amsterdam and Berlin, I got bothered by the fact that I was not really interested in my study. Plus, I found myself struggling finding an internship that I actually didn't want to do. So, I decided to put my studies on hold. Forever.

This ultimately ended up being the best decision in my life. It gifted me with freedom of time and location. So I decided to follow my passions for snowboarding and traveling.

From December 2015 until now:

Ever since I have worked 3 full winter seasons in a professional snowboard store (Hotzone Gerlos) in the beautiful mountains of Austria where I can practice snowboarding daily and hangout with amazing people. I have also worked in Northern Italy on about 20 different campsites living in mobile homes for 2 months. Different life but a great experence.

The best part is: Both jobs allowed me to backpack through Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand for over 5 months. I as well have lived in Finland for about 3,5 months and went wild camping on the mesmerising Lofoten Islands in Norway.

“Do what you love and you will never work.”

Inspired by all the amazing experiences and people that I’ve met, plus my passions for snowboarding, skateboarding and traveling I’ve founded Bearora – A sustainable company delivering unique skateboard wooden sunglasses. Our mission is to inspire people to follow their passion and start doing what they love doing.

“Be the change you wish to see.”

In an effort to contribute to the sustainability of our planet, Bearora became official partner of Trees For The Future in June 2018. We have donated 10.000 trees and committed to planting an additional 10 trees per sunglasses sold. These trees improve the livelihoods of African farmers by protecting their crops from predators, providing food to feed their families and animals, increasing their income by 400% and improving the quality of air.


Thank you for shopping with us and I wish you an amazing day!


Rens van Daalen

Founder of Bearora